Ready for some swed shopping!

Hey loved onces and happy Sunday🥰

It’s been a while since I blogged cause I’ve been working all week for many months straight. When you work its basically just work, work, workout and home.

And have I mentioned the cold weather outside, well it’s so cold🥶that you don’t want to go outside you just want to lay in bed all day and all night, and especially under your blanket.

Let’s not forget a warm cup of tea 🍵the best feeling in the world folks!

Todays plans are a trip to Sweden 🇸🇪 for shopping and alots of food 🥘 lol 😆

When we arrived at the store we bought a lot of food, food and food and who can say no to food 🥘 food is the best love you can give your stomach, seriously😚

After doing all the food shopping and on our way to the shopping mall we stopped to get us a cup of coffee, we sat down a little and drank the coffee before we hit the road, but what’s one more coffee gonna do it can’t do us any harm, and gives us a lot of energy, and you’re gonna need that when you hit the road guys.

I wish you all a happy Sunday, and let me know in the comments what you’re plans are on a Sunday? I would love to get some ideas for me next Sunday funday🤗

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