It’s Sunday my loved ones 💋

Good evening everyone!

I hope you guys are having a blast and enjoying you’re Sunday, sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but there has been so much going on with work and being sick🤒

It’s getting so cold 🥶 in Norway that I just wanna cry 😢

But not to worry I am back and will have so much good stuff I will be blogging about in my next posts babes!

The plans for today is cardio workout at home and taking a🚶‍♀️walk.

I went for a walk in the city and in Oslo we get something called Christmas in winter ❄️ land.

It’s pretty amazing, we have donuts 🍩 trailers and different Christmas stuff they sell at the booths.

Even if it’s freezing cold the best time of the year in Norway is Christmas time!

Gots to have my energy drink!

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