Last day😓

Hey everyone so the last few hours we have left before we are taking the plane back home we were thinking of spending it in Harlem. For some people it might sound a little crazy going to Harlem but it’s actually no big deal and we never felt that it was scary or unsafe while we were there.

When we went in to the stores we found clothes for like 3 dollars for a sweater and like a jeans, it was very reasonable prices I was like speechless.

They had perfumes, shoes, clothes, earrings and jewelry and so on. When we finished up at the store we decided to take a bite cause we were hungry, we ordered a hot hot burger and it was so good and what’s a burger without dressings and of course chicken wings, they were very very spicy but that’s the best ting cause it’s so tasteful.

And the of the best it’s halal food everyone.

Best freaking coffee I ever had and the barista that made it was so much fun and nice🙃

The saddest thing about Harlem was that we went there the last day so it wasn’t so much time to go everywhere. But we went through some stores that had cheap prices like everywhere there 😝 and of course they had perfumes like on the table outside that I regret not buying well well, one thing I can promise you is that I will be back.

Harlem is actually a really cool place not that scary and it was people over there that was very nice and polite. I will someday come back and shop shop and shop🤩.

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